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January 18, 2013
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"Why? Why?! Why do you believe that there is something good within me?!" Nikolai yelled, his purple coloured eyes glaring at the (e/c) of the female. The female showed no signs of fear, not even a wince, at his anger. Any sane person would have run away but not her. Alfred, her best friend, was a good ten feet away, praying for her safety.

"You're just misunderstood. I know you care for Anya and you're willing to protect her. I respect that but you have to give your sister some space," her usually cheerful voice was emotionless, her eyes staring, not at his eyes, but at his soul. Her phone beep, the alarm she set for her part-time job. With a sigh she turned on her heels and walked away.

"WHY DO YOU CARE ANYWAY!?" Nikolai yelled, pulling out a dagger from his gray jacket. (name) stopped, turning her head to look over her shoulder.

"Cause.. I like you Nikolai.. You're... loyal to the ones you love.." she looked forward and continued "Hard to find someone like that these days," a small smile grew on her face, a tinge of sadness in both her eyes and words. She shook her head and resumed walking. "Hide that dagger before the school guard sees.. You'll be in trouble again,"


"Ni...ko...lai.." (name)'s voice sounded weak. Nikolai tried to follow it but he couldn't see a thing. Everything was pitch black around him.

"(name)? (NAME)?!" Nikolai yelled, his voice resounding in the seemingly empty space. Red. Red splattered across him, covering him in the metalic substance. "w...w-wha-?" Nikolai looked down on his hands to find his dagger covered in blood, along with the rest of his clothing. Screaming? (NAME)! He ran towards your voice.

"Nikolai... w...-why?" purple met (e/c). Nikolai's eyes widened at the sight in front of him. (name)'s body was limp against the wall, her whole body covered in cuts and bruises. Her breathing came out as short pants and gasps. Her (e/c) eyes only reflecting pain and anger. What scared him was the injuries she sustained was caused by his own dagger.

"Do you enjoy it~?" A sing song voice said from beside him. He turns around to find a look alike of him. The only difference was, the look-alike had black wings sprouting from his back.

"W-who are you?!" He yelled. The look-alike chuckled.

"Why, I'm you~ I'm Nikolai" 'Nikolai' smirked, his eyes glinting evilly. "and you killed your own love~" he laughed.

Nikolai woke up in cold sweat. He frantically searched for the female that he knew would be there for him. Finally feeling the soft material of her nightgown, Nikolai sigh in relief and wrapped his arms around (name). He buried his nose in her (h/l)(h/c) hair and inhaled her scent, one that always made him calm.

"Nikolai...?" his eyes flew open as he felt soft, feminine fingers grasp his arm. The female turns around in his arms and held his face in her hands. "Are you okay? You're sweating," the concern in her (e/c) eyes were visible even in the moonlit room. A small smile made it's way on Nikolai's lips as he envelopes the female in a hug.

"I'm... fine.." his words betrayed how he felt inside. In truth, he was scared, his heart aches as he tries to hold back the tears. He wanted to tell her everything but he had to be strong as to not worry her. (name)'s hand combed his platinum blonde hair, soothing him a little.

"I know you're not.. now tell me what's wrong?" her melodic voice whispered. The plead was enough to make Nikolai cry and tell her everything. (name) was the only one to see past his cold exterior and Nikolai treasured her. More than anyone ever would. His crying turned to sobs as he continued to hug (Name), his face in her shoulder. Her hand didn't stop combing through his hair while the other rub soothing circles on his back.

"(N-Name)..JA liubliu ciabie (I love you).. Please don't leave me.. please.." his hold on (name) tightens as another wave of tears formed in his eyes.

"I'd never leave you, Nik... You know that.. and I love you too," Nikolai looks up to her (e/c) eyes and wiped his tears away. Pecking his lips, (name) pulled the blanket over them and slowly fell asleep with Nikolai in her arms.
Kinda long :iconsweatplz: but I like Nikolai sooo yeah..

:iconmalebelarusplz: belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:

you belong to :iconmalebelarusplz: (since you're married in this~)
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Awesome story!
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Aww~ So cute! I can't believe he cried!
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The morning~ (how I imagine it):
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